Be The One to Cure Melanoma

“Be the One – Every dollar counts and yours could be the one that cures melanoma.

Welcome to our community of melanoma fighting volunteers.  Everyone here has in some way been touched by melanoma.  Collectively we want to fund the incredible research that is going on everyday to find a cure for melanoma.

Our only mission is to assist in funding the research that will cure melanoma!

100% of the dollars raised go to the Melanoma Research Alliance (, a non-profit organization that in turn commits to 100% of those dollars going direclty to supporting melanoma research. The advances being made today are exciting and should give us all hope that melanoma will be cured in our lifetime. 

Join us!  Your enthusiasm, fundraising or donation could be the last piece of the puzzle. donate-button

Please check out our fundraising ideas and upcoming events .  Every dollar counts, but we can raise even more money if everyone finds a couple of friends to join the fight!  Thank you.